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IFBC-HUB USA is an importer of fine food and beverages which are derived from the renowned Italian wine and food culture, now purveying a new energy drink made in Italy called “HUB”, with exclusive distribution rights for the entire United States.
This delicious, healthy, energizing refresher is distinguished from its competitors by its decided non-metallic after taste and its minimal traces of Taurine which is abundant in most other energy drinks. ”HUB” is a unique Light, Crisp, Smooth, Invigorating tasting beverage separating itself from similar drinks.
IFBC-HUB USA is currently gearing up, for future importation to the USA, with fine Italian wine packaged in cans. The wine is sourced and produced by the same Italian manufacturer as the HUB energy drink. The energy drink “HUB” has received its European Kosher certification by Rabbi Garelik and Rabbi Hazan.

The experienced, dynamic and innovative manufacturer of both the energy drink and the canned wines possesses the ability to produce approximately 60,000 cans per hour.
Division of Italian Food & Beverage an American company publicly trading on the OTC Market under the Symbol IFBC in its joint venture with an American company founded in 2009 by a group of wine lovers with a passion for artisanal wineries to the attention of the US markets, and with a growing portfolio of distinct wines from Italy and Argentina, IFBC-HUB USA goal is to expend in the US through the “idbeveragegroup” established clientele in the US.

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