Italian Chardonnay

Italian Chardonnay

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Natural wine by Chardonnay grapes prepared with Charmat method. This method is fasted than usual method and allows us to obtain less structured wines which keeps unchanged the fruity and aromatic features of the selected grapes.

Charmat Method – Italian historical nods

Federico Martinotti invented and patent the second controlled fermentation in large containers in the year 1895. This method was adopted around the year 1910 by the french Eugene Charmat who defined the working process and for this reason the full process was called Martinotti-Charmat.


This method requires a second wine fermentation in large pressurized containers named autoclave. This action allows to obtain fruity sparkling wines by aromatic graperies.

The Martinotti-Charmat method i salso called “italian method” due to the large world wide spread of the typical italian sparkling wines-


The fermentation process takes about 20 days. HUB Chardonnays’ quality increases greatly the permanence period on the yeasts. The wine, than. Is moved to another autoclave trough filtration under iperbaric ambient in order to have stabilized bubbles.


Contents : 200 ml

Contains solfites.

Product packaged by GIOTTI S.p.A Stabilimento Fidenza (PR) – ITALY

*The alcohol grade is customizable on request


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